18 December 2008

More Snow!

These are photos from this afternoon, about two pm. The snow had completely melted yesterday at my house so this is all new stuff. I have a few inches total, my parents have half a foot of snow and several other areas got completely blasted. Its supposed to snow throughout the night and taper off tomorrow morning. Then, its supposed to start again on Saturday and continue until Monday. This should be very interesting and I pray to the Goddess that we do not loose power in the wind storm that is predicted to come with the snow on Sunday.

I have not heard from Hubby in three days now. I am totally bummed because all this snow is making me all nostalgic and I miss him so much. I just want to curl up in bed with him and cuddle. I also wish he was home to go walk around and look at everything all covered in snow. I am sure we would probably have a snow ball fight, we did when we had a massive snow in January of 2007. I am hoping he calls me tomorrow so that I can tell him all about the snow, cutting the crap outta my finger yesterday and to whine about how much I miss him.

Today marks exactly four months that he has been gone. We are almost to the halfway mark on this deployment, if they come home according to what the rumors are. I am still praying that this deployment keeps going by quickly. I don't think I will be able to take much more of this if it starts to drag by a lot.

"I survived this once before I can do it again. I survived this once before I can do it again."

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