19 December 2008

Another Storm?!

That's right my dear, few readers. Another storm is headed this way. According to the news, that is three storms in less than a week. We are supposed to get between three and five inches starting Saturday night with winds as high as 41 MPH, in my town alone. Other areas like the Cascade Foothills region, could get winds as high as 90 MPH! On Sunday its supposed to turn into snow/rain/freezing rain mix and continue like that to at least Christmas. I am praying that I do not loose power because with this weather its very likely that my Dad will not be able to get to me right away. I guess if that happens I will be eating a lot of sandwiches and hanging out in bed under my covers.

I talked to Hubby today both on IM and on the phone. The phone call was four hours after the IM conversation though. I guess his idea of "I will call soon," is a little warped. It must be an Army thing. We got to talk for about 30 minutes on the phone and supposedly my Forester is going to be dropped off at my parents house tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed because I really, really want my new car. I am dying to have music in the car again. Not to mention the extra room will be quite lovely once Hubby returns from Iraq with all that gear *gulp*

I had a pretty emotional day today, lots of crying because I am feeling very insecure in my body right now and being house bound because of my issues, along with the weather is not helping. I am still working out, though not as hard as I should be. I feel like I am coming down with something, but when I don't work out I feel crappy emotionally. I am almost paranoid that if I don't work out I will stop and never start again, which is usually what happens. I think this is the longest I have consistently worked out on my own while not at a job hauling stuff around.

I really want to get healthy to see if it helps to shorten my cycles at all. I think it has already shortened by one or two days so far. I also want to look good for when Hubby comes home. I am terrified that I am gonna look like an ugly troll when he comes home. I went on a bit of a crash diet right before he came home last time. I went to stay at my parents house a couple of weeks before he came home and gained everything back and then some. It was not pretty. Anyway, I am hoping to avoid that this time.

I guess I just have to keep at it until Spring, when I know things will get better because of the weather. I am getting convinced more and more each day that I have seasonal affective disorder, or something like it.

"I think I can, I think I can, I think I can."

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