15 December 2008

Garden Plans

I have been thinking about garden plans for the spring. I really want to build some sort of compost bin. I have been noticing a lot lately how much stuff I toss in the trash or recycling that I can compost and its quite frightening. I would love to build one that looks like a deck box. Unfortunately, all the plans I am currently finding are a bit too big for our yard. I will probably find something after much more searching.

I really need to get my seed list together and look into how much its going to cost to order what I need. I would like to try my hand at potatoes this year, I might even try the tire system though not sure how healthy or economical that would be. I also want to try trellising to give me more garden space and that will probably work with quite a few things, including the usual vertical growing things such as beans.

I am so going to have to come up with a better food storage system, especially with all the food I hope to grow. I currently have things like potatoes, onions and fruit on the counters which just does not work well considering how little counter space I have compared to the last house. It might help if Hubby were home to build me the things I could use in the kitchen.

Speaking of Hubby, I am missing him even more now that this weather is freaking out. Right now its 28 degrees outside according to MSN and I am freezing, even with the heat at 68 degrees. I have the thermostat automatically programmed to be at 65* for most of the day and 68* for the first few hours of the night. Its not really working to keep the heat low during the day because of how cold it is. I am very afraid of what my next power bill will be like.

Hopefully this crazy winter storm will pass and this will be the last one we have for the season.

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