09 December 2008

Refusing To Get Sick

That's right, I am refusing to get sick. The weather has changed again and its getting cold. In fact, they are predicting snow this weekend. Yay! Not. I am so not looking forward to snow. I really do not know how to drive in it and my new car still is not here. The stupid sandbox is getting in the way of coordinating the arrival of the car.

I got totally overwhelmed by this dreadful feeling that something had happened to Hubby. It just hit outta nowhere, my heart was racing and I burst into tears. I could not calm down because I had the worst feeling in the world. After a long while I had stopped crying but, was still freaking out internally. Then, Hubby called. The first thing I said to him was "are you okay?!" He assured me that he was and would be coming home to me alive no matter what.

We got to talk for about 20 minutes. We are trying to save the last of the phone card minutes until pay day on Friday. Luckily, its only $.04 cents a minute for him to call home. I believe there is around twenty minutes left on the card. He told me that he will not be able to call tomorrow for sure and that he was not sure when he would be able to call again. Hopefully its soon because I am really having a hard time this deployment.

My sister came over today and gave me a hair cut. Its so nice to have a sibling who is going to a very prestigious beauty school. I am hoping to grow my hair out again and I am hoping she can help me keep it healthy during the growing out phase.

She told me while she was cutting my hair that she thinks I have agoraphobia. That's now three people, two who know me in real life, that think I have agoraphobia. Of course, instead of helping me with what they perceive to be wrong about me, they make fun of me for it. I am really starting to worry that I do have agoraphobia. I do go to the mailbox every day and I go outside when its nice out too. I've been told that if I was a true agoraphobic, I would not even do that.

When I have some more time to talk with Hubby I will ask him what he thinks. Then, I guess I can try to work out learning stuff around here. I really need to find things like good Chinese, Teriyaki and other good food. Not that I go out to eat often but, I do have a hankering for Teriyaki right now thanks to Sabbath saying she could not find any places in Iowa. I also need to figure out the back roads to Federal Way so that I don't have to take the freeway....yet. I figure learning the back roads would impress Hubby more than hoping on the freeway. He wants me to know the area by the time he comes home, so I can teach him.

I could use some help. I just wish I knew where to turn.

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