16 December 2008

Waiting On Snow

I am waiting on the next batch of snow. Its supposed to start "late tonight" according to the news. I am not sure what time they are considering late though. I realize that its only seven pm here but, it feels much later. I guess the dark and cold are finally getting to me. Let's hope I don't completely loose it.

Hubby called me at two am this morning. Of course, I had only been asleep about 2-3 hours. It was just enough time for me to be deep in sleep. I am surprised I even heard the phone ring. In fact, I don't even remember the phone ringing now. I guess I really was out of it. I wonder if that explains why it was such a short phone call? Although, I am going to say that it felt like Hubby was pulling away and that he really did not want to talk to me. He seemed upset during our conversation too. I hope he calls back soon and I can be more awake for the call.

My Forester was not delivered yesterday like we were told. Hubby is looking into it and I hope that I can get the car soon. I really wanted to have it before Solstice but, I don't see that happening now. I really hope we don't get screwed out of this or I am gonna be one unhappy Army wife.

I just want it to be spring already. I want to be outside in the garden, sitting on the side steps writing in my journal and taking pictures of things again. I really do not deal well with this kind of cold weather. I am also getting sick, though I refuse to be sick until January. Having the shakes and nausea sucks.

Alright, I gotta go and find something much warmer than long johns, jeans, socks, tank top, shirt and sweatshirt. Oh and I am under a blanket. Yeah, its very cold.

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