14 December 2008

Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Solstice!

A Rose Bud Just Getting Snow Last Night

Rose Bloom With Snow

Our Roads

Rose Bud This Morning With Some Ice and Snow

Rose Bloom This Morning With Some Snow

The last two pictures were taken around nine or ten pm last night. I got the itch to take some photos and was surprised by the beauty of the remaining roses in the snow. I did not know that the roses were still trying to bloom. I guess they are a little insane.

People are of course being stupid and driving on these roads and at high speeds as well. I have heard several people peel out and swerve this morning. I do not hear any snow tires either, people are driving on this with their regular tires which is completely unsafe. We are supposed to get winds of about 35 MPH today as well, which have just started cause the trees are swaying and my wind chimes are going off like crazy.

I am praying that I don't loose power when the winds hit their full force. I am sure I can stay warm if it were to happen but, I will have to spend the day in bed with several layers as well as several blankets on.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather and staying warm!

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