12 December 2008


Its currently snowing here and I am getting all teary eyed watching it because I miss Hubby even more than before. It never seems to snow when he is home. On the last deployment we had a horrible winter storm where we lost power for 3 days. It was so cold that my nephew's lips turned blue and he was crying because of how dark it was.

I have no idea how I am going to get to the post office tomorrow because I am just not comfortable driving in this kind of weather. In fact, I am a bit terrified right now. I hope my Dad can come up on Wednesday or maybe I can talk someone else into coming up tomorrow cause this is just too much for me.

Today was a very busy day. My Mom called me at 8:21 am and said she "was twenty minutes away and why was I still sleeping?" Oh gee Mom, how about because you were supposed to call me BEFORE you left your house. I hoped into the shower and by the time she got here I was getting ready to blow dry my hair. No way was I going outside with wet hair today. We headed up to the Casino where I won a nice bit of money. I still have $100 left going towards my midwifery school fund. I personally only spent $40, so I think I did pretty well. My Mom blew every thing as usual.

Hubby called while I was at the casino. I missed his first call do to shitty reception. I was so afraid that he was not going to call back. We got to talk for a bit about how much we missed each other and how I was doing at the casino. He is headed out on another long mission and won't be able to talk to me again for awhile. I am totally bummed about that too. I miss him terribly.

I am praying for this deployment to go by even more quickly. I am not sure how much longer what little sanity I have left will stay intact. I am sure once I start midwifery school it will definitely fly by even faster. I could definitely use another distraction.

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