31 December 2008

This Blows

My insomnia is back and with it is apparently the sickness I refuse to have. I am so out of it that I feel utterly weak and it took me until now to even feel half human enough to attempt a shower. I did get most of my Tae Bo in though, I figured it might help me fight off whatever is trying to kick my ass. As a bonus to feeling week, I feel like I have a hangover. That's probably the insomnia's fault.

It took me 3 hours, a glass of warm milk and *shudder* Nyquil to fall asleep last night. I abhor Nyquil, its the most disgusting thing besides Jager. I have to pinch my nose and take it like a shot to get it in me. Then, I have to down another liquid to help rinse it down. It makes my stomach roll just thinking about it. Hopefully, on Friday I can get some Calms Forte at the store. I am hoping it passes by soon.

I think it should be a universal rule that Army wives are not to get sick while their significant others are on deployment. Its just cruel, more so if you have kids and no family around. Its not like I can call up my parents and go "can you drive the 45 miles ONE WAY to bring me some chicken noodle soup and saltines?" Yeah, like that would ever happen. If I had more time I could defrost the whole chicken in my freezer and make homemade chicken noodle soup but, I have no saltines. It just wouldn't be the same.

I got to talk to Hubby for 15 minutes today. The line for the MWR phones was too long so he got to call me from the free office phone. Thus, the short time limit. He had loads of fun making fun of how out of it I am. Yeah, I brought him great joy with all of that today. Especially when I smacked myself in my cheekbone with my own phone. Fun times.

Hopefully he gets to call tomorrow. I could use some more time on the phone with him right about now.

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