23 December 2008

Another Brief Post

I have been so out of it the last few days. I have spent most of it in a day dreamy state thinking of when Hubby will come home soon. We have a bunch of snow of the ground, so much so that I should probably find a walking stick for when I go to the mailbox.

I made the decision at Thanksgiving to not return to my parents' home for the Christmas holiday. I have only just stood my ground on this decision with my Mom today and I am feeling very liberated. I do not wish to put myself through the drama or black hole of negativity that surrounds us on holidays. I do not want to be around my drunken Dad telling me I was a mistake, or be around my sister's controlling jerk of a boyfriend. The only regret I have will not be seeing my nephew or eat my Mom's cooking.

This will be my first holiday truly alone and it is quite frightening. I know I will enjoy the peace and quiet immensely.

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