13 December 2008

What A Day

The day started out interestingly enough. I thought I would wake up to more snow and instead woke up to rain and it being very cold. Then at about 10:20am, I went to turn the heat up and it only came on for about two seconds. I tried to turn it up several more times to be greeted by nothing. I called my Dad to ask him what to do because I have no experience with these things and we checked the circuit breakers, which were on. I sent a text to my landlord and did not hear anything back for awhile. When I finally heard from her she had left a message saying a friend of hers would come to fix it in a few hours.

I had so many layers on that I was not too worried but, it was still pretty cold. The furnace guy came and as he was checking the thermostat, he dropped the front half of it on the ground. I cringed cause it was only two weeks old. He popped it back on and the heat came back on. Apparently its a piece of Made In Malaysia crap, when you manually override the programmed heat by pressing the up and down buttons it wiggles the connections too much causing it to not work. The furnace guy is going to talk to my landlord about getting a new one.

Its currently snowing right now and the temperature is steadily dropping. I am praying that the thermostat does not crap out in the middle of the night because its supposed to drop to 20+ degrees tonight and it supposed to be even colder in the days to follow. You know the weather is gonna be bad when they are calling for daytime highs of close to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

The only problem I have with this cold weather is how dry it is. I am having a bit of trouble breathing because of it. I have never had this problem before so its quite a worrisome feeling at first. I have taken to simmering a pot of water to put moisture in the air. I have added nutmeg and whole cloves to the water as well to make it smell yummy in my house.

I will be posting some of the pictures I took of the snow falling tonight later on. Hopefully I will wake up to some snow on the ground so I can take awesome pictures with the Nikon.

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