04 December 2008

Fun Times

Aunt Flow is totally kicking my ass. I was seriously contemplating having a hysterectomy earlier today because of how painful the cramps are. Not to mention how heavy this cycle is. No, I won't go into detail.

I got up much later than usual today because I guess I was so weak that I slept in to try and gain some energy back. I did my typical routine of checking all the emails and bank accounts before finally getting out of bed. Hubby emailed me! First email of the deployment too, it was short and very sweet too. He said he would try to call later once he was done for the day.

The best part is that he actually did get to call! Its really funny too because I programed the number that ALWAYS shows up when he calls so that it had his ring tone. Of course, Murphy's law screwed with me and another number popped up when he called. Oh well, I tried right? We got to talk for half an hour, which was really nice. He got DSS' school pictures and the box with the Xbox 360 console in it. He still has not received the box with the power cords and controllers. Nor has he received the box with his Yule gifts in it.

He told me that our new car is at his battle buddy's house and that we are waiting on said battle buddy's brother to finish with AT to bring it up here. When he brings it up here, the brother will be taking Billy's Geo and hopefully fixing it. This is what a 2007 Subaru Forester looks like according to google. I am pretty sure its a red one. It has a 6 CD changer and apparently as I was informed today it has a GPS/Navigation system, which should be pretty cool:

I am really excited to have a newer used car. I was expecting us to get a car in the mid to late 90s in year and not until after Hubby came home from Iraq. This is a real treat to be able to afford this wonderful car.


Tammi said...

Very cool! Yay for new cars.

Side note: If you use tampons that may cause extra cramping and all that. After I switched to the Diva cup, a lot of the awfulness went away. There's a lot of women that say the same thing.

Barbara said...

I have been using a Diva for over a year. These horrible cramps are a pretty recent development.